Grow Smart Marketing Gives Back

Grow Smart Marketing Gives Back

The holiday season brings feelings of joy, wonder, thankfulness, and cheer. While reflecting on the incredible year of continued growth and success that we’ve had here at Grow Smart Marketing, we realized the importance of giving back to our community and felt compelled to take action.

We brainstormed where our donations could have the greatest impact this season. It was a tough decision; there are so many deserving people and organizations that could use our help. 

We vetted many wonderful local charities, all with great causes and great need. After much deliberation, we narrowed the beneficiaries down to two. The first was a local family who would not be able to provide 

Christmas for their children without outside aid. The second way we decided to Give back was by partnering with Foster4Love and the Georgia Department of Family and Children Service (DFACS) for their Secret Santa program. These children are a cause close to the hearts of all of us at Grow Smart Marketing, and we were thrilled to be able to contribute to them having a holiday with happy memories.

The children who take part in the Foster4Love Secret Santa program have experienced Many unfortunate events in their young lives, by no fault of their own. Due to unfortunate events, they are away from their families, pets, and familiar surroundings during this holiday season. We were grateful for the opportunity to bring them some joy and good cheer.

After shopping to fulfill each child’s wish list, we labeled and wrapped everything up in festive paper and ribbons. Then, the entire office loaded into cars and we made a caravan trip to the drop off location for the Foster4Love Program. 

We were enthusiastically greeted by Samantha Hassler, the Volunteer Resource Coordinator for DFACS and several volunteers upon our arrival.

The Foster4Love Program in Marietta works with DFACS to provide year-round resources for children and families in foster care. The number of children in foster care has continued to increase and it has become difficult to help every family that needs it. According to Ms. Hassler, “The need for help has grown and we really need other businesses and organizations to help support this program, in order to provide for the children.” Our whole team at Grow Smart Marketing is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this deserving cause.

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