Even If No One's Ever Heard Of You

When you need to bring in new qualified leads for your medical services fast, but don’t want to give live lectures or seminars, this is the service you want.

Some Of Our Lead Generation Campaigns…

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Laser-Focused Lead Quality

One of the things that really sets our campaigns apart is our attention to detail in targeting only the highest qualified leads.

Because we've invested millions of dollars into these highly targeted campaigns, our team of experts knows how to get the most out of the targeting options available on each platform.

In most cases we are targeting high net worth individuals that are willing and able to purchase the higher ticket, cash-based services that our clients offer.

In each campaign we create multiple layers of targeting to make sure that you’re getting only the best quality leads. Prospects must meet all of the targeting criteria to see your ads.

  • PWe begin with geographic targeting, limited to a 5-50 mile radius around your practice (depending on the service being offered).
  • PThen we layer in the specific symptoms (back pain, knee pain, sports injury, autoimmune condition, etc.).
  • PFinally, we layer in financial targeting criteria (income, home values, etc.) so we are only speaking to the people that are:
  1. in your immediate area,
  2. have the type of pain or injury you treat, AND
  3. who can afford to pay for your services.
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This 3 tier targeting approach is the reason why our clients get such great results and continue to use our services month after month and year after year, without any long term contracts.

Direct Response Marketing Approach

Your Lead Generation campaign will be created using tested and proven direct response marketing techniques and ad copy. Our professional copywriters have created some of the highest performing and most profitable medical marketing campaigns ever created.

Branding” campaigns (e.g. “Have a coke and a smile”) are nice when you have a 6 figure advertising budget.

But when every penny counts and you need to see a direct Return On Investment (ROI) from your marketing, you need a campaign like this that delivers measurable results that can be attributed back to a simple Cost Per Lead.

No Contracts Or Long Term Commitments

As with all of our marketing services, we don’t require you to sign any kind of long term contract. We believe in earning your business each and every day, month after month.

That being said, we do ask that if you’re going to make an investment into growing your practice with a lead generation campaign, that you do go into it planning on giving it at least 3 months to really get up to speed and then make the decision to continue beyond that point. 

Depending on the market and the services being offered (particularly with high ticket, cash-based services in competitive markets) it may take a month or two to get the right targeting, and the right offer, really dialed in.

While we should definitely be bringing in new leads from the very first month, you’ll see that the campaign really begins to deliver at around the second to third month.

Immediate Lead Notices + Full Sales CRM + Semi-Weekly Detailed Reporting

While you (or your sales person) will be receiving both email and text notices immediately as each new lead comes in, you'll also have 24/7 access to your own complete Sales CRM system to track every lead, every communication, and the “next steps” as each lead moves through your sales process.

You'll also receive a detailed campaign report spreadsheets twice each week so you can be confident that no one is falling through the cracks.

Custom Patient Engagement Funnels

This is where you begin to really separate your program from the competition in your market.

A Patient Engagement Funnel is a complete marketing system that is put into place to capture, convince and convert new prospects into patients.

Regardless of the traffic source (Facebook ads, Google AdWords, email campaigns, print mail, etc.) you need a proven, scalable and reliable system that includes:

High-Converting Landing Page

High-Converting Landing Page

A high-converting & educational lead capture page for converting traffic into leads

PACS Lead Nurturing

PACS Lead Nurturing

A Personalized & Automated Communication System (PACS) including emails, texts, videos, etc. that nurture new leads, build trust & authority, and convince them to buy from you

Reviews Marketing Program

Reviews Marketing Program

An automated Reviews Program for generating & syndicating positive reviews & testimonials about your services to feed back into your marketing program

Automated Referral System

Automated Referral System

An automated system for getting your best patients to refer new business to your practice

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