Over the last few years we've invested millions in direct response Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns to drive tens of thousands of qualified leads into our clients’ medical practices, for a wide variety of specialty medical services.

While no one is particularly happy about the recent “privacy issues” on Facebook, the fact remains that Facebook (who also owns Instagram) has the largest database of “detailed profiles” on nearly every person in the US.

7 out of 10 adults in the US are using Facebook somewhat regularly. And 74% of users visit the site at least once each day!

But more importantly… the platform's user profiles contain a vast amount of information about each person. (It’s actually a little scary, really.)

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What Does Facebook/Instagram Know?

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• where you live,
• what car you drive,
• what websites you visit,
• who your friends are,
• your household income,
• what foods you eat,
• where you shop,
• what books you read,
• what movies you like,
• what music you listen

And from this vast collection of information on each person, it knows which products and services you are likely to be interested in, and if you meet certain criteria.


For example, Facebook knows…

✔    You recently visited a website about knee replacement surgery.

    You drive an expensive car.

    You live in an expensive neighborhood.

…So… You must have disposable income and be interested in seeing ads about knee pain solutions!

As an advertiser who wants to reach the absolute highest quality of leads, there’s just no other platform that comes close to the level of specific targeting we can achieve here.

Laser-Focused Lead Quality

One of the things that really sets our campaigns apart is our attention to detail in targeting only the highest qualified leads.

Because we invest millions of dollars into these highly targeted campaigns, our team of experts know how to get the most out of the targeting options available on each platform.

In most cases, we are targeting high net worth individuals who are willing and able to purchase the higher ticket, cash-based services that our clients offer.

In each campaign, we create multiple layers of targeting to make sure that you’re getting only the best quality leads. Prospects must meet all of the targeting layers to see your ads.

  • RWe begin with geographic targeting, limited to a 5-50 mile radius around your practice (depending on the service being offered).
  • RThen we layer in the specific symptoms (back pain, knee pain, sports injury, degenerative disease, etc.).
  • RFinally, we layer in financial targeting criteria (income, home values, etc.) so we are only speaking to the people that are:
  1. in your immediate area,
  2. have the type of pain or injury you treat, AND
  3. that can afford to pay for your services.

This 3 tier targeting approach is the reason why our clients get such great results and continue to use our services month after month and year after year, without any long term contracts.

Patient Engagement Funnels That You Get With Our Facebook/Instagram Campaigns…

Expert Campaign Development

Expert Campaign Development

With thousands of campaigns run and millions spent on ad campaigns, you can rest easy in knowing that you’re getting the top experts in the field working on your campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Elite Level Targeting

Elite Level Targeting

Since many of the services we promote are cash-based services, you need to be talking to people who can afford it and who are currently experiencing the types of “pain” or conditions that you can treat. If you don’t get the targeting just right, your time and money will be wasted. Our proven system generates consistent results in any market, guaranteed.

24/7 Campaign Monitoring

24/7 Campaign Monitoring

When you’ve only got 1 week to fill a live event, your campaign has to be “firing on all cylinders” 24/7. That’s why part of our full time staff includes a team of experts that live and work overseas to help manage the campaigns overnight. You’ll sleep well at night, knowing our team is always managing your campaign’s performance and engagement with the target audience.

Custom Branded Landing Pages

Custom Branded Landing Pages

Premium quality, custom branded pages that position you as the expert, educate prospects and convince them to sign up. Each one is built specifically for your company and your services. Because of the “sophistication” of the type of clientele you need to attract, it’s critical that you “look the part”. 

Custom Testimonials & Video Production

Custom Testimonials & Video Production

People need to see that others have already had a great experience with both the service and your staff. We'll optimize and use your existing video testimonials or help you generate new ones quickly for use.

Split-Tested Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages

Split-Tested Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages

After thousands of successful campaigns, we have a pretty good idea of what works – and what doesn’t. But we still continually split test our ad campaigns and landing pages to make sure that we are always seeking out new ways to bring you the maximum number of leads from every campaign you run with us.

Custom Branded Lead Nurturing Campaign

Custom Branded Lead Nurturing Campaign

We’ll setup an email drip campaign to keep the leads engaged and excited while they go through your sales process. This helps substantially lower your no-show rates while it continues to build you up as a true expert and authority in the field.

Text Reminders

Appointment Reminders

As part of the service we provide, we’ll even run a text reminder campaign to remind the prospects of their appointment with you. This also gives you an early warning sign by prompting your leads to respond to your text message if they can’t make it. Some people may ignore your emails, but no one ignores a text message!

Text-Based Maps/Directions

Text-Based Maps/Directions

We’ll send your prospects a text message just before their appointment with your address so they can easily get turn-by-turn directions to your office. This lightens the workload on your staff and ensures that everyone will know exactly where to go!

Instant Notifications Of New Registrations

Instant Notifications Of New Registrations

The faster you can get someone on the phone with a new lead, the more successful your campaign will be, and the more revenues you’ll bring in. We’ll make sure that your staff know immediately when someone new registers for your seminar so they can reach out right away and get them truly locked in.

Ongoing Lead Reports

24/7 Dashboard Reports

Throughout your campaign, you’ll have 24/7 access to your own custom Reporting Dashboard as well as detailed reports on everything from campaign source to calls made and received. We’ll even let you know if your staff are answering the incoming calls or not so you can be sure that nothing is falling through the cracks!

Ready To Get Started?

The next step is just to have a simple phone conversation with us.

We don’t bite.

And we’re honestly not good enough salesmen to try and sell you something you don’t want. (That rarely works out well anyway.)

We just need to learn more about you and your practice, as well as your goals for growing your business. Then we’ll dive deeper into our services and answer any questions you have to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Believe it or not, we sometimes do tell people that we’re not the right agency for them.

If you’re still interested in moving forward beyond that, we’ll get you setup with our easy onboarding process to collect the information we need, and we can usually have your campaign up and running within a few short weeks. (Remember, we’re custom building everything to match your brand and services!)

Call Us Today To See How We Can Help You Quickly And Easily Bring In New Patients And Grow Your Practice.

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