Test Script

Appointment Setter Test Script – GSM Rep Videos

Please make a digital recording of yourself reading the script below.


Hi Dr. Smith this is ______________. I’m a Field Producer with Local Highlights TV, and we are in the middle of producing a series of 60 second Review Branding Commercials, and because of our production schedule this week we have some extra time to produce a few more commercials.

My Executive Producer, Mr. Gass, has asked me to call you to set a time that he can speak with you for about 5 minutes because he wants to produce a commercial for you and we’re going to cover all the production costs.

[Their reply:  ”I’m sorry. What’s this about?”]

I’m sorry, I really don’t have all of the details. But next week we are producing some 60 second “Review Commercials” for a few companies and we have a couple of open slots at the end of the run, so we want to produce one for you.

Typically this would cost about $2000 – $3000 to produce but we’ve opened a beta program for small businesses where we cover all the production costs.

Are you in front of your computer? If you could Google “Tiffany & Co Tampa Reviews” you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

[PAUSE as if waiting for answer]

Now imagine your patients seeing a video like that about you!!

[Their reply: Does this cost anything?]

Again, I really don’t have all of the details. But I do know that we’re going to cover all of the production costs as part of this beta program that we are running.  We’re basically looking for some feedback on the commercials and to add some new commercials into our portfolio. Would you like to go ahead and get a call set up?

[PAUSE as if waiting for answer]

Great! Thanks again! I’ll send the invitation via email and Mr. Gass will be calling you on Wednesday at 3:00pm.