"Discover The Proven Marketing System That Has Already Brought In Over 80,342 Financially Qualified Regenerative Therapy Prospects And Can Be Quickly And Easily Deployed In Any Market On Demand."
Over the past few years, We've Invested Millions Into Advertising Over 1,400 Regenerative Therapy Seminars All Across The Country To Create An Industry-Leading Marketing System That you can quickly and easily deploy To Deliver Highly Qualified Prospects In Any Market... Guaranteed.
But we only work with ONE provider in each market territory!
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In order for a regenerative therapy program to grow, you must be able to attract and convert financially qualified prospects who are willing and able to pay cash for the service.
Have you been struggling to bring in financially qualified prospects that are not dependent on health insurance?

Tired of fighting with the big insurance companies just to scrape out enough cash to pay the bills?

Ever wonder how the other successful clinics are able to continue growing and adding new locations while consistently growing and adding new lines of service?

The Answer Is Simple.
This one proven marketing system can revolutionize your entire practice, just as it’s done for countless other medical practices across the country.

Within the next 30-60 days you can be bringing in significant CASH income by attracting the right prospects to your regenerative therapy program.

You'll never need to fight with the big insurance companies again.
The Solution?
Regenerative Therapy Seminars
For the past 3+ years, we’ve been quietly building a comprehensive marketing program with some of the top regenerative therapy practices in the country. We've invested millions into direct ad campaigns developing an incredibly powerful system for driving financially qualified prospects to local seminars to learn how this revolutionary treatment can help them avoid surgery and get out of pain quickly and permanently..
And the response has been amazing.
Regardless of whether you’re located in a small quiet suburb or in a bustling downtown metropolis, our proven system will fill your seminars with qualified leads, on demand.
Over the past 3+ years, we’ve promoted over 1,400+ regenerative therapy seminars for our clients. And we’ve generated tens of thousands of leads for those clients on top of the seminar registrations.
And that has translated into tens of millions of dollars in revenues for our clients!
What Our Clients Are Saying...
Dr. Jon Brunelle - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Jon Brunelle
Spectrum Pain Management
Corona, CA
Dr. Scott Brown - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Scott Brown
Optimal Health
Knoxville, TN
Dr. Atlee Wampler - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Atlee Wampler
Superior Healthcare Group
Atlanta, GA
Dr. Shahen Kurestian - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Shahen Kurestian
Body Systems Wellness
Glendale, CA
Dr. Chris Schroeder - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Chris Schroeder
SFC Regenerative Medicine
Hutchinson, KS
Dr. Eric Codner - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Eric Codner
Columbus Physical Medicine
Columbus, GA
Not Ready To Start Doing Seminars Yet?
Let's Talk About Our Lead Generation Program...
If you'd like to get started by just generating leads that your sales team can book into office consults, we can easily do that for you too!

Just fill out the form above and we can discuss doing a regular lead generation campaign for you to start driving these same qualified leads into your existing sales process.
We’ve invested over $3 million in direct-response regenerative therapy marketing campaigns, developing an incredibly powerful system for driving financially qualified prospects to local seminars.
More Happy Clients...
Dr. Conrad Tamea, MD - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Conrad Tamea
Orthopedics Associates of Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay, FL
Dr. Steve Peyroux - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Steve Peyroux
Physicians Business Solutions/Stem Cell Institute of America
Canton, GA
Dr. Mike Bystrom - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Dr. Mike Bystrom
Escalon Physical Medicine
Escalon, CA
Larua Vargo - Grow Smart Marketing Review
Laura Vargo
Superior Healthcare Group, Cleveland
Cleveland, OH
But Let's Talk RESULTS...
The numbers in the BLUE column are the total number of registered attendees that we generated for each campaign.
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The Basic Process...
We do all the heavy lifting here. We'll build out your custom branded landing pages, videos, brochure, email campaigns, ad campaigns, graphics, communications, notices, text message system, etc. etc.

YOUR part is just the yellow circles. Call your registrants as soon as they register (we'll help you with what to say). And then call them again the day before the seminar to confirm their attendance.

(NOTE: The campaigns we build are incredibly detailed and "robust", to say the least! But we obviously can't give away everything here on the sales page. Once you're on the inside, we'll give you a thorough rundown on all of the 100+ elements that go into one of these.
Trust us when we say that no one else is building campaigns like these! That's why no one can match our results!)
“In short, the team at Grow Smart Marketing does what the other companies will not...the hard work! They get involved with the leads and nurture them so that they become REAL leads and show up for the consultation. I have spent lots of time and money to train sales people how to bring the lead temperature from cold to warm to hot over the years. These guys do it almost turn-key! Recently we decided to let them take over our website and SEO as well, and I fully expect those results to be on par with their ability to generate qualified leads for our clinic.”
- Mike Bergman, Comprehensive Healthcare
Here are just a few of the features that you’ll get with this program.
Expert Campaign Development
With over 1,400 seminars promoted and over $3 million+ dollars spent on ad campaigns, you can rest easy in knowing that you’re getting the top experts in the field working on your campaigns. We know what works and what doesn’t.
Custom Targeting
Since this is a cash-based service, you need to be talking to people who can afford it and who are currently experiencing the types of pain and injury that stem cells can treat. If you don’t get the targeting just right, your time and money will be wasted. Our proven system generates consistent results in any market, guaranteed.
24/7 Campaign Monitoring
When you’ve only got 1 week to fill a seminar, your campaign has to be “firing on all cylinders” 24/7. You’ll sleep well at night, knowing our team is always managing the campaign’s performance and engagement with the target audience.
Custom Branded Landing Pages
Each one is built specifically for your company and your seminars. Because of the “sophistication” of the type of clientele you need to attract, it’s critical that you “look the part”. 
Custom Branded Explainer Video
Most people don’t even 
understand what a stem cell is, let alone how it can help them. We’ve created a professional 5 minute explainer video that is custom branded to your clinic to help explain what it is and why they need it. We’ll make you look good while helping your prospects understand the treatment program!
Custom Testimonials & Video Production
People need to see that others have already had a great experience with both the service and your clinic. We'll optimize and use your existing testimonials or help you generate new ones quickly for use.
“The Grow Smart team is attentive to every aspect of your account and genuinely wants the best results for your business. They are extremely communicative and we are so grateful to be working with them. Top notch customer service!” 
- Ana Goltermann, OC Wellness
And even MORE features...
Split-Tested Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages
After 1,400+ successful seminars, we have a pretty good idea of what works - and what doesn’t. But we still continually split test our Ad Campaigns and Landing Pages to make sure that we are always seeking out new ways to bring you the maximum number of leads from every seminar you run with us.
Custom Branded Lead Nurturing Campaign
We’ll setup an email drip campaign to keep the attendees engaged and excited while they wait for their seminar to arrive. This helps substantially lower your no-show rates while it continues to build you up as a true expert and authority in the field.
Custom Branded PDF Stem Cell Guide
We inlcude a 39 page booklet explaining what stem cells are and the types of injury & degeneration they can treat. We’ll put your name, logo and contact info on this booklet and use it as part of our “Lead Nurturing Campaign”. It's a great way to build even more trust and authority in the eyes of your prospects!
Text Reminders - We’ll even run a text reminder campaign to remind the attendees of the event. This also gives you an early warning sign by prompting attendees to respond to your text message that they can’t make it. Some people may ignore your emails, but no one ignores a text message!
Text-Based Maps/Directions - On the day of your seminar, we’ll send everyone a text message with a Google Maps link that they can open and use on any mobile phone to get turn-by-turn directions to the seminar. This lightens the workload on your staff and ensures that everyone will know exactly where to go!
Instant Notifications Of New Registrations - The faster you can get someone on the phone with a new registrant, the more successful your seminars will be, and the more revenues you’ll bring in. We’ll make sure that your staff know immediately when someone new registers for your seminar so they can reach out immediately and get them truly locked in.
Daily Registration Reports - Each day throughout the campaign, you’ll receive a Daily Registration Report that lists everyone who has registered as well as every call that has come in. We’ll even let you know if your staff are answering the incoming calls or not so you can be sure that nothing is falling through the cracks!
We Work Nights & Weekends On Your Campaigns! - The simple truth is that most of your registrations are going to come in at night. And most of our clients have at least one weekend seminar in each campaign. When you’re working, we’re working. If you need to ask a question, or update the text message list at the last minute, we’ll be there for you. Just ask any of our existing clients what kind of support they’ve been getting during nights & weekends!
Want More? There are actually at least a half dozen more awesome features that you’re going to get with this program. But seriously, how many more do you really need to know that this is the kind of proven system that’s going to deliver results for you?
But just in case you do want more… Just give us a call and we’ll go over everything in detail!

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“I have been using Grow Smart Marketing now for over 3 years for all of my online marketing. We specifically target Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy Treatments with Grow Smart’s PPC Facebook Marketing and it has been mind blowing the amount of success we have had over the last year. I would highly recommend these guys for any business that is ready to scale up.” 
- Justin Paulk, Superior Healthcare Group
Custom Marketing Campaigns For Seminars
Driving Qualified, Targeted Prospects To Your Event
Let our team of experts build and manage your next set of regenerative therapy seminars to get you the same kind of results you’ve seen here on this page.

You’ll get all of the same features that we just listed above plus even more that we can’t tell you about until you’ve executed a Non Disclosure Agreement with us!
Why settle for just mediocre results and tiny seminars where only 5-10 people show up? 
Isn't your time more valuable than that?
In the spirit of full disclosure… the worst seminar campaign we’ve ever run had 35 registrations across 2 seminars.

And the best? We’ve had many campaigns with over 140 registrations across 2 seminars.

Just imagine if you closed even 20% of those 140+ people on a stem cell package at the average per patient fee of $6,000? (which is the average of what our clients are doing)

That’s $168,000 in all cash services for just running 2 seminars!

Can you close 20% of your qualified leads?

 Can you do better than that?
While we certainly can't promise those kinds of results because we don't know you yet, and your results are ultimately completely up to your ability to convert the leads we deliver into paying patients...
Are you beginning to see the opportunity here?
What To Do Next...
Simply click the button below and fill out the form to let us know how to reach you. We’ll schedule a introduction call to explain the program in greater detail and answer any questions you have.

If it still sounds good to you at that point, then we’ll have you fill out an online Campaign Order Form to give us your seminar details (we’ll help with that too).

We need 18 working days to get your first campaign up and running. (We’re building everything from scratch and customizing it completely for your brand - ad campaigns, landing pages, videos, brochures, email campaigns, etc. etc.)
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Our “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” Guarantee
We’re so confident in our ability to drive qualified leads to your regenerative therapy seminars that we’re willing to do something that no other marketing agency in this space will do for you.

Here’s our “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” Guarantee.

If we don’t deliver at least 40 registrations in your campaign (2 seminars), we’ll run your second campaign for FREE. You only pay your direct ad spend to Facebook. That’s a $5,000 guarantee that you won’t get anywhere else!

And keep in mind that our worst campaign ever still generated 35 registrations - and that was after running over 40+ seminars in the same rural market area! (And do you honestly think that someone would keep running 40 seminars in the same market if they weren't making money?!)

There’s a reason that all of our clients have been using us for their seminar campaigns for the last 3+ years.
Exclusive Territories Are Running Out!
Yes, we give Exclusive Territories!

We’re only going to work with one client in each geographic territory. Once your market is taken, it’s gone for good.

And you better believe that we are going to dominate that market and take every qualified lead within those borders for our client. (Sorry, that's what we do for our clients.)

It might as well be you.  

We’ve already had to tell more than a dozen other practice owners that we just can’t work with them because of our commitment to our clients who got to us first.

If you want to dominate your market with this proven cash-based service, you need to act now!
Don't Wait Until It's Too Late
Call us today or click the button below and fill out the Market Request form below to see if your market is still available.

As soon as we hear from you, we’ll contact you to go over the program, answer any questions, and get you started on your way to helping hundreds of patients in your local community avoid surgery and get out of pain permanently.
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It’s either going to be you, or one of your direct competitors in your local area that takes advantage of this incredible opportunity.
You can continue to fight with the big insurance companies for a small paycheck. Or you can quickly and easily move into the lucrative and rapidly expanding world of regenerative therapy.

Sure, you can try to go it alone with your current marketing guy and hope that you get it figured out. We've invested over $2.5 million and counting to get this program dialed in and consistently generating substantial profits for our clients.

How much extra time & money do you have available to try and figure out one of the most complex marketing systems ever created?

And how many other competitors in your area already have a head start over you?

The demand for regenerative therapy is currently exploding across the country. You now have the perfect opportunity to get out in front of it with a time-tested and proven system for positioning yourself as the leading expert in your local community.

You can be sure that your competitors are trying to figure it out right now. We may soon be helping them. At that point, your opportunity will be gone.
Don’t put this off even one more day.
We’re getting more and more calls every day from providers around the country who are recognizing the opportunity and seizing it while its hot.

Give us a call today or click the button below to fill out the Market Request form and we’ll contact you right away with the next steps.
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