Website Maintenance

Regardless of the size of your website, it’s critical that YOU MAINTAIN IT PROPERLY. Just like you must change the oil in your car and perform routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly and ensure a long life (both yours and the car’s!).


WordPress Core Updates, plugin updates and even theme updates are constantly being published by their makers. Versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.1 and so forth come out on nearly a daily basis.

Authors and developers are constantly updating and improving their software and website tools for a better user experience as well as enhanced safety based on the latest threats.

updateIt’s very important that you keep up with the latest changes and updates to ensure the health and security of your website.

It really is hard to overstate the importance of regular site maintenance to keep your site from getting hacked. The average small business website that we maintain gets at least 40 hacking & break-in attempts each month. And popular sites will easily exceed 100+ break-in attempts each month!

As a business owner, you already understand how important of an investment your website is. And just like your home and cars, you must protect that investment to make sure that it can continue to provide you with your most fundamental “home base” on the web.


Protection from, and detection of malware and brute force attacks (which any 15 year old with a computer can setup as an automated process to run 24/7), as well as installing and updating the latest security patches and software/plugin updates are some of the many aspects maintenance will provide.

Your website is typically the first thing that people will see about your business online. As they say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our Website Support and Maintenance Package (WSMP) will ensure that your site not only STAYS UPDATED and PROFESSIONAL LOOKING, but also helps to AVOID FROM GETTING HACKED and taken down completely

– taking your entire web presence down with it.


At Grow Smart Marketing we are committed to helping our clients maintain a healthy and productive online presence that gives your site visitors a reason to stick around and even come back to do business with you and refer you to their friends.


And because this is such a critical component of your complete online marketing strategy, we wanted to make it as cost effective as possible for you to ensure that your site stays up and running and error-free. So we’re now offering several cost effective, more saving packages that will help your wallet just as much as your website.

Choose from any of the great packages below to protect your website from hackers and ensure that the weekly theme, software, and plugin updates keep your site error free and beautiful to help you grow your business and bring in new customers.





Quarterly Basic Website Maintenance
(4 Hours/Month)

Get up to 4 hours of support every month per quarter (12 hours total – can be used as needed). If you just want to have the weekly security patches, theme and plugin updates, and general maintenance taken care of on your site, then this is just the service that you need. 

$924 (Reduced rate of $77/hr – YOU SAVE $120)



Quarterly Enhanced Website Service Package (8 Hours/Month)

Get up to 8 hours of web design services, enhancements, security updates and ongoing maintenance every month. Perfect for all those small jobs essential to keeping a site fresh, like adding content, images, blog posts, WordPress updates, simple appearance changes, etc. Plus a 24 hour response time guaranteed!

$1,680  (Reduced rate of $70/hr – YOU SAVE $408)



Semi-Annual Basic Website Maintenance (4 Hours/Month)

Get up to Get the same great maintenance package at even greater savings! Lock in your price for 6 months and save another $120 over the Quarterly plan.

$1728  (Reduced rate of $72/hr – YOU SAVE $360)



Semi-Annual Enhanced Website Maintenance (8 Hours/Month)

Get the same great Enhanced Service Package at even greater savings! Lock in your price for 6 months and save another $120 over the Quarterly plan.

$3216  (Reduced rate of $67/hr – YOU SAVE $960)



Additional 4 hours for Website Maintenance Packages

If you need additional support hours beyond what was paid for in your Package, you can buy them in 4 hour buckets.

$348  (Hourly Rate = $87/hr)