Website Audit

Get a professional review and analysis of your healthcare website to fix Issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Website Audit

Here’s a story that we’ve seen far too many times. One day your site is sitting at the top of page 1 in the search results for all of your best keywords, and the next day it’s nowhere to be found. We get calls like this from frantic business owners who have no idea what hit them. A Website Audit Report can help you figure out what happened, and more importantly, tell you what we can do to get you back on top.

What is A Website Audit?

Our Website Audit Report is a professional analysis and review of your website, its content and any inbound links. This includes topics like website design and structure, page and link problems, page titles and meta data issues and much more – including backlink analysis, duplicate content analysis, keyword targeting analysis and a lot more. It’s everything you need to know. We will typically recommend getting a Website Audit performed on your site before beginning any kind of serious SEO or local optimization campaigns. When you’ve decided to take the positive step of investing in your online marketing and SEO, this deep analysis provides the information we need to decide what steps you most need to take – and when.

Why Do You Need a Website Audit Report?

Nothing is more important to your overall online marketing strategy than your website. Your SEO, PPC and SMO programs all relate directly to your website. It’s where all that new and targeted traffic goes. But a bad website can ruin all those carefully planned efforts. An audit is a sensible first action to help prevent problems and correct wrong steps taken in the past. The goal is to find faults and then work to correct them before we move forward with other strategies. And if your site has been penalized or your rankings have dropped quickly for no apparent reason, a Website Audit is a must. Google updates their ranking algorithms dozens of times each year. If you want to stay on top, it’s important to make sure your site stays within those ranking guidelines. A Website Audit Report is the way to make that happen.

Google Algorithm Updates

This audit is also the first thing to do if you’ve been negatively impacted by Google algorithm changes. Changes happen dozens of times each year, and everyone gets caught up in some of them. Google wants to provide more accurate results with every change, but thousands of sites get lost in the shuffle. You can, however, recover from this seeming catastrophe. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates were the beginning of the massive changes toward better search results. Almost all search queries have now been impacted by these algorithm updates and those that followed. The idea at Google is apparently to get rid of high ranking but low quality sites that are essentially web spam, but good sites get caught up all the time too. Get ahead of the game by letting us run a Website Audit and see where you stand – and how you can do better in search engine results.

A Website Audit Report will give you peace of mind.
It’s about knowing that your website is compliant with algorithm updates and that your SEO efforts won’t go down the drain.
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