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Web Design for the FUTURE

In terms of web design, the future is already here. Don’t scare off prospects with a static, stale and amateurish website. Your online storefront deserves to be treated seriously, and so do your prospects. Site visitors come and go quickly, and you have only seconds to capture them before they bounce away. You need smart design and the best quality content possible. We will build a website that can meet all your specific online marketing needs. When it comes to website creation and development, our services are second to none.

What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Every site being built or rebuilt today needs to be mobile responsive. This simply means that no matter what kind of device is viewing the site – desktop, tablet, or mobile phone – it can be just as easily viewed and navigated. A mobile responsive website is smart enough to recognize the type of device that is trying to view it and resize and reorganize itself to be viewed perfectly.

Here at Grow Smart Marketing, we offer many different types of website builds. Our dedicated web development team has many years of experience integrating cutting edge technologies into beautiful web design. For most small businesses, we will typically build a customized, mobile responsive website based on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a robust, yet simple to use platform that is constantly being updated for both design and security. These sites can be easily managed by you, or we are happy to manage and continue adding new content for you. And because it’s responsive, this single version of your website will load perfectly on all devices: desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Why Build a Mobile Responsive Site?

The world has changed. A recent survey by comScore showed that over  

  • 60% of all time spent on the internet across the world is now spent on a mobile device! 60% 60%

For the first time in our history, mobile internet usage now exceeds desktop/laptop internet usage. And recent research from Google has clearly shown that the vast majority of people will leave a website and move on to a competitor’s site in less than 5 seconds if it is not mobile friendly.

So how much business have you lost already?
According to Google’s research:

quote“Appearing on smartphones is critical for local businesses. 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 84% take action as a result, such as making a purchase or contacting the business.”

Smart phone users often make immediate purchasing decisions while out shopping. And tablet users love local search capabilities. If your site doesn’t load well for mobile phone or tablet users, they’ll skip you and move on to a similar company. Don’t let that happen. An investment today in a responsive website is a critical investment in the future of your medical practice and its ability to survive in an increasingly crowded online marketplace.

If you don’t already have a mobile friendly website, you’re already losing out on as much as 50% of your potential customers. Eliminate lost opportunities and sales by choosing a Mobile Responsive Website Now!

Why We Use WordPress

WordPress is the top content management system (CMS) in the world and is highly customizable to your needs. Plus, it’s easy to use and SEO friendly. You can create or add new content and edit existing content on your site yourself with little effort or technical skill if you like. Plus, this open-source platform has add-on capabilities and features you just can’t get on other platforms. If you want to get your site right and ensure that it stays current with technological advances, you want it built with the WordPress CMS. And that’s why we use it.

Summary of Our Web Design Services

Our expert web development teams can provide you a wide array of site development options – ranging from a simple WordPress theme-based site, to the more advanced custom responsive sites, to full blown custom (non-WordPress) interactive sites with e-commerce packages and more. We are only limited by the scope of your imagination (and of course, your budget!). All of our website development packages include:

  • Installation, Configuration and Customization – We install and set up the latest WordPress version on a server for you and generate FTP and CMS access. Based on our discussions, we’ll create an appropriate layout and design for your purposes.
  • Graphic Design and Mockup – Based on our initial design consultation with you, we’ll create a mockup for your site and source the images and content you need for success. We’ll make sure everything is engaging and fits together perfectly.
  • Content Creation – We typically request that the client provides us with their own content (business information, service/product descriptions, informative articles, etc.). But we can also provide custom content to fill in the gaps and ensure that your business looks polished and professional to the world.
  • Other services like Contact Form Setup, Email Installation and Configuration, Website Backup, Migration, and Installation are also included.
  • Whether you need excellent website creation, website development, or pay per click advertising services for your business in Georgia, contact Grow Smart Marketing today. We serve many areas, including Atlanta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Columbus.

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