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one million by 2020

The Grow Smart Marketing “1 Million by 2020” Project is all about reaching 1 million people with the word about stem cell therapy by the year 2020. Watch as Neil explains the story behind the project and the reasons why we're committed to solving the growing epidemic of pain pills and opioid addiction in local communities across the country.

We are asking medical professionals all across America to join us in this cause by offering stem cell treatments to people suffering with all forms of back pain, knee pain, and all types of treatable joint pain and arthritis conditions instead of prescribing needless surgeries and harmful pain medications.

With well over 380,000 people reached so far, we are well on our way to reaching our goal, and are looking for more doctors and medical clinics to join us by offering stem cell treatments to their patients. We'll bring them to your door if you'll do your part in treating them with this incredible new healing breakthrough!

Grow Smart Marketing is one of the nation's leading medical advertising agencies for all types of healthcare, wellness & integrated medical services. We are driving tens of thousands of new patients to our clients every month! Let us help you reach your goals, today!


If You Offer Any Type Of Health Or Medical Services, You're In The Right Place!

We’re the company who’s going to catapult your practice from ordinary to extraordinary. We offer one of the widest ranges of online marketing services to providers in the medical and dental fields. From brand establishment, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and web design, we have all the tools you’ll ever need to increase your sales.

We don’t talk the talk unless we’ve walked the walk. Grow Smart Marketing has been building our own small businesses and helping other entrepreneurs to do so, for over 20 years. We’re experts in this field because we’ve been applying our strategies to real life businesses for decades, with great success. We understand the pressure that small business owners face, and we know how hard you work every single day to keep your brand succeeding. Grow Smart Marketing wants to reward that by taking some of the pressure off you.

Each year, we help a select number of healthcare service providers generate millions of dollars in revenues, and we want you to be the next practice we help build increased success.

We are not a faceless organization. Our CEO is Neil Gass, one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the Atlanta, GA area and across the U.S. He’s served on the boards and executive committees of national trade associations, authored several valued books about his craft, and has received extensive recognition and awards for his achievements. Neil has poured his expertise into the Grow Smart Marketing team — Just one of the many reasons why we are so good at what we do.

Clients We Have Worked With:

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Dr. Jon Brunelle
Spectrum Pain Management
Corona, Ca

Dr. Scott Brown
Optimal Health
Knoxville, TN

Dr. Mike Bystrom
Escalon Phys. Med.
Escalon, CA

Dr. Atlee Wampler
Superior Healthcare Group
Atlanta, GA

Does my medical practice need online marketing services?

Is the sky blue? Is the sun hot? In all seriousness, yes, you really do need online marketing services if you want your practice to stand a chance in a market saturated with providers. If you are throwing an amazing birthday party, but you neglect to tell anyone about it, are people going to come? No! It’s the same with healthcare businesses.

If you have a great service, but you are not shouting from the rooftops about it, how will anyone know about it? Most clinics and practices cannot afford prime real estate for their offices, so the likelihood of your office getting the exposure it needs exclusively from local foot traffic is typically fairly slim.

It is imperative that modern businesses utilize the power of the internet to get their voices heard. This means highly targeted Facebook lead generation and industry-leading live seminar promotions to predictably bring in your ideal qualified leads on demand. This means local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so your healthcare practice is the first option to pop up in an internet search when a potential patient is looking for services you offer, within reasonable proximity to your location. This means branding, so your audience connects with the very essence and core values of your practice. This means Reputation Marketing, so prospective patients know that you are a brand they can trust. This also means intelligent Web Design, so that once customers find you they are hooked on the services you have to offer.

Grow Smart Marketing offers all these things and more. We’re passionate about helping healthcare providers achieve the results they deserve, so let us be passionate about yours.

Your Success Is Our Success!

Many healthcare providers just like you already trust Grow Smart Marketing with their online marketing services that take them to the next level, and so can you. Who doesn’t want to engage with their clients, grow their brand and make more sales than they ever could have imagined?

Grow Smart Marketing only succeeds when you do, because we don't stop innovating and refining our campaigns until your business is consistently hitting your sales goals. And with a track record like ours, we're confident that it won't take long. We’re not here to mess around: our only goal is to grow your practice by getting you more patients and more sales. Grow Smart Marketing won’t just meet your expectations, we’ll smash them. Let’s succeed together!

More Client Success Stories…

Dr. Shahen Kurestian
Body Systems Wellness
Glendale, CA

Dr. Chris Schroeder
SFC Regenerative Medicine
Hutchinson, KS

Dr. Conrad Tamea, MD
Orthopedics Associates of Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay, FL

Laura Vargo
Superior Healthcare Group, Cleveland
Cleveland, OH


Website Development

Logo/Branding Development

Brand Establisher

Social Media Account Setup


Online Directory Listings (Citations)

Reputation Marketing

Social Media Posts

Content Marketing


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Branded Broadcasting Network

Adwords PPC & Facebook PPC

Custom Marketing Campaigns


Get more traffic, more engagement
& better visibility

Making sure you’re as visible as possible across all online marketing channels is what we do. In this day and age, a company without an engaging online presence is wasted. Trust in Grow Smart Marketing, and tap into potential you didn’t know existed. We get you the traffic you require using proven, cutting edge online marketing tactics. The high-quality promotions and content we create for you help visitors find you and get engaged with your practice.

Get More Profits, Better ROI

Online, things are always changing. But having a world-class medical marketing force handling your online visibility means you always keep up. Grow Smart Marketing is always making sure we’re up to date on the latest news, technology, algorithms and more, so that we can work harder for you and not let you down. We’re pleased to provide top-notch services at great rates you can afford. Our experience and intelligence combine with your passion to create a partnership that increases revenues and therefore profits, giving you a substantial and provable return on investment.


quote“I have been using Grow Smart Marketing now for over 3 years for all of my online marketing. They provide my clinic with Reputation Marketing that has tremendously increased our reviews on Google, Facebook and various other platforms. I also use their SEO services which has helped our business increase by being found on the first page of Google for several of our treatments that we provide. The social media postings has increased our followers as well as engagement with new clients. We specifically target Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy Treatments with Grow Smart’s PPC Facebook Marketing and it has been mind blowing the amount of success we have had over the last year. I would highly recommend these guys for any business that is ready to scale up.”

★★★★★ Justin Paulk, Superior Healthcare Group

Increase Leads, Get More Patients

Engagement, traffic and visibility mean nothing if they don’t generate more patients for you. Our proven online marketing strategies are aimed at transforming visitors into leads and leads into patients who enhance your bottom line. Expect and demand loyal customers who spread the good news about your brand, amplifying all your efforts beyond your wildest dreams.

Make The Right Investment In Your Medical Clinic Marketing

Utilizing Our Medical Advertising Services

Everything about Grow Smart Marketing is designed for healthcare providers who want to pack a big punch in their local market. We can even support companies who are only just getting off the ground.

Starting with branding, we can help you to make you memorable in your field. Don’t confuse patients by having inconsistent branding. Let Grow Smart Marketing do what we do best and optimize your brand!

Did you know that over 75% of tweets go to the wrong Twitter handle, and over 50% of initial interactions by customers go to the wrong Facebook or Twitter account? This can spell disaster for your brand, and you can watch the customers trickling away by the minute.

Our brand establishment service is here to help!

Start your business on the right foot by making sure everything matches up nicely, so your brand is as consistent and well perceived as it can be. A trusted business is a business that sells.

Expand Your Reach through Social Media Marketing

We’ll not only establish your brand on the web, but we’ll also help you expand your audience by interacting with your followers through various relevant social media platforms. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn, you can trust us to make sure that your voice is consistent with your branding.

Top Website Design Means Top Customers

A local healthcare services provider isn’t going anywhere without a stunning website that’s simple for patients and prospects to use. Whether you need us to build a website from scratch for your brand, or revamp your current one, Grow Smart Marketing’s staff have the skills and experience needed to create a responsive and intelligent interface.

Websites of the Future

More and more people are turning to their mobile devices to browse the web. With >60% of internet browsing now being done from mobile phones and tablets, your business can’t afford to have a clunky site that’s not optimized for different mobile devices. You may as well kiss your patients goodbye.

Luckily, Grow Smart Marketing uses mobile responsive technology to build a website for your brand that will be viewed perfectly from every device. Hello, sales!

Pay Per Click Adwords & Facebook Advertising That Works

There’s no point plucking keywords out of thin air to try and target. Your brand needs solid keyword research to understand how to find the patients that are actually going to buy your services (and can afford your cash based services!). That’s where Grow Smart Marketing comes in. We know how to do pay per click advertising the right way.

Let us save you stress, hassle, time and money by running our tested and proven paid advertising campaigns for you. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the leads to come pouring in. In the last 12 months our stem cell marketing campaigns have generated well over 281,000 page visits and over 42,000 seminar attendees! And that's only counting one of the many lead generation services that we provide for our clients!

Get to the Top of Search Engines

Your prospects need to be able to find you online. We can help by optimizing your website with the proper on-page and offpage SEO elements with our industry-leading SEO campaigns. Doing this ensures that your potential patients will be able to locate you when they type the relevant keywords in any search engine–whether it be Google, Yahoo, or Bing! Since you're trying to reach a local audience we’ll make sure that you appear in the appropriate local directories as well, so you attract qualified prospects to your website.

Push Down Negative Reviews

If you’ve been the target of internet defamation or fictitious negative reviews from competitors, our online reputation repair service can help make sure that Google doesn’t pull these up when prospective patients search for your clinic’s (or doctor's) name. Not only will we help you build up your positive reviews from happy patients, but we will also monitor and respond to negative reviews in a way that will significantly reduce the potential for online backlash.

We have the industry's leading Reputation Marketing services that make it incredibly easy for your patients to leave positive reviews in less than 60 seconds, right from their own mobile phone! And with our “smart feedback routing” technology, anyone who wants to leave a negative review will be given the chance to share their experience with you (or your managers) but not the rest of the world. Our systems are designed to protect as much as promote your online reputation!  

Our system also allows your medical and front desk staff to have the ability to request a review via text from a patient through our app that can be installed on any phone.  This text message is sent from a preset number that we provide (so your staff do not have to give out their personal cell phone numbers).

Our Reputation Marketing Platform also allows us to help syndicate your positive reviews on other social media channels.  Click Here to learn more.

Professional Website Auditing

Yesterday, you were #1 on Google for your keyword. Today, you’re #357. What happened? And more importantly, how do you fix it? We will conduct an analysis of your keywords, backlinks, and website structure. After which, we will generate a detailed report to let you know how to fix them to get back on top of the search engines.  If you would like a free website analysis, visit our Free Audit Report.

Website Maintenance

Don’t have time to update your website? (Who does?) We’ll gladly do it for you. Count on us to update your WordPress core software, themes, plug-ins, and keep the security settings current. Need to post new blog posts, images, new services or offers, and other types of content? (You've got to be doing these things if you want to stay on top!) Just send it over and we’ll get it up in a jiffy.

Our Location

We’re in the business of online marketing services, so you’ll be happy to know that wherever you are in the US, you can use Grow Smart Marketing to take your practice to the next level. If you want to know a little more about our physical location though, we’re located in the suburbs of beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.  And when the opportunity arises, we love to work with local businesses so that we can see our communities prosper. But we can just as easily service those of you located in, Texas, Missouri, and Colorado as we can service our awesome clients in California, Washington DC, Florida, Louisiana, and even our new friends up in Maryland, New York and New Jersey! We currently serve clients from coast to coast, so regardless of where you are, we can help you.

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We don’t mess around when it comes to our digital marketing services, and to prove it we offer free consultations to all our valued customers. Don’t make this more complicated than it has to be. You have absolutely nothing to lose by getting in touch. And whether or not you decide to move forward with us, you'll at least come away from the meeting with some great insights on your practice and learn some powerful strategies for bringing in more patients!

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