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 AutoComplete Engagement

(a.k.a. Search Box Optimization)


ACE Overview

ACE is probably something that you have probably never heard of.  This is because we are one of a very small handful of companies doing this.  Utilizing the search box (the most used part of the search engine) to shape user’s search patterns and behaviors is now a reality.

Our company is founded on the simple principle of providing its clients with sound strategies that produce quantifiable results.  We pride ourselves on being an innovative leader in the digital marketing industry developing proprietary Internet platforms that are unparalleled in operational effectiveness.  Read on to learn more about our latest innovation.

Google search box optimizationEverything Starts with a Search!

When we use the Internet many of us start with a search.  Typing in your search query into the search box is what we do to find the things we are looking for.  Whether it’s insurance quotes, or a gift for Mother’s day, we can usually find what we’re looking for in a couple of searches.

Imagine influencing someone’s search before they ever see results from competitors!

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Local Business Searches

Whether you are a kitchen remodeler, a Chiropractor, Pest Control specialist or any other type of small business, you can now get the upper hand in 30-45 days instead of 3-6 months which is what traditionally takes SEO Specialists to get you to the front page of Google.  Many times it takes much longer for competitive markets.  Now you have an unfair advantage over your competition who have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars to be there.  With our new ACE system, you can attract customers to your website before they even see your competition.

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Commerce Related Searches

Online companies are also experiencing a huge advantage by having their company name show up when prospects type in the most competitive keywords for their market.

Not only is this a brand building opportunity, but it also is shaping the way people search on the Internet by introducing your company to them even before they finish typing.  This could truly be a game changer for your market!

When people click on the keyword with your company after it, all 10 organic listings will be owned by you, so it’s virtually impossible for them to go anywhere else but to one of your website pages, Facebook page, or other listings you may have for your company.

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Why AutoComplete?

Autocomplete shapes the way users begin their search.  It allows a unique opportunity to capture a person searching for a product or service before they even see a single competitor.  Without this program, individual companies are typically not listed in autocomplete results.  They tend to be general terms which makes this so unique and powerful.

When you are the only company listed in the auto complete it does the following things:

  • Brings attention to your brand name because it is the only company listed in the suggested results
  • Attracts the eye because it is usually longer than the other listings
  • Brands your company by allowing everyone searching to see your company name even if they don't click on it
  • When searchers click on your listing, they are typically presented with all 10 listings about your company, because the search query selected now contains your company's name!
  • When searchers are presented with all 10 organic listings that refer to your company’s listings, you now have a 96% chance of them visiting one of your online properties! (statistically speaking)


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How long does this take?

Because we are totally dependent on Google and their updates (which they sometimes skip) it is currently taking between 30-60 days to show top results. Of course, this will vary a little depending on the location and competition for these terms.


Will my competition beat me out?

No, we are the only company (that we know of) who is doing this.  We do not compete on terms and this is not an auction.  This is a first-come-first-served process.  The second one to market is the first loser.  As long as you keep paying for this process, you have the exclusive rights to your keyword.


Can this process hurt my website?

No, Because this process does not use anything that directly points to your website, this is a very safe process.   We use Google’s best practices to obtain these results.  Unlike SEO which uses linking that points directly to your website, this does not have anything to do with your website or blog, which means your website cannot be penalized for anything to do with this process.


Do you need to modify my website?

No, no changes are necessary to your website.


Does this really work?

A local construction company utilized this method to bring in $125k more business in the first 7 days alone.  Yes…it works.


Cant I just get my own SEO guy to do this?

No, Many have tried, and many have failed.  This process took over a year of intense testing and tweaking by some of the world’s top minds with a cost of over $100,000 before it was perfected.


Why not just do PPC?

For many industries, PPC can be overwhelmingly expensive.  For instance a single click for “AC Repair Phoenix” can cost anywhere from $43 to $61 each.  For “Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas” each click will set you back $61.  This is just crazy.  This is a much more affordable solution in many cases.


How does this work?

It works very well (smile)


How do I get started?

Just give us a call or speak with your account representative. You can contact us about this by using our Contact Page.


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