Welcome To Our Facebook Marketing Program!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward building a more profitable business! We're excited to have you onboard and are confident that this program can generate really good results for you just as it has for all of our other clients. Facebook is currently the most powerful online marketing tool available right now that will allow us to carefully target the perfect prospects and reach them with rich media ads that have proven to bring great results.

One of the first steps we'll be taking together is to have a “Kick Off” call where we will begin to review your goals for this campaign and gather the information necessary for us to build you the perfect campaign to start bringing in new leads almost immediately. Before we can get down to all of the small details, we've found that it's very helpful for our first time Facebook Campaign clients to watch this short tutorial video that takes you behind the scenes of some of our recent campaigns so you can get a sense of what's involved in building a successful campaign.

Please complete the “Onboarding Form” below the video to give us the starting info that we need to have before our Campaign Kick Off call.