Easy WordPress Guide

Congratulations On Your New Website!

WordPress is the most commonly used website development platform in the world for a good reason. Apart from giving us the ability to add literally thousands of additional features and components to your website, it's also one of the most user-friendly “Content Management Systems” (CMS) for you to learn and use.

Here is a great PDF guide on how to use WordPress to manage your new website. It's a 5 MB file size, so it will take a minute or 2 to download depending on your internet connection.

Just a word of caution here… While WordPress can be easy to learn and use, please be careful! It's still a very powerful and complex piece of software. If we have built your website, we've also made a backup copy (just in case anything should break). But you will still want to be careful to follow the guidelines on the book carefully. A few wrong clicks here and there can break a website. Please feel free to call us with any questions. Enjoy!

Click the image to open the Easy WP Guide book in a new window.

Or right-click and then click “Save As” in order to download it to your computer for future reference.

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