Best Practices For Your Content Marketing Here And Now

Content Marketing in 2014If one of your aims in 2014 is to increase the content marketing of your business, there are some things you need to know. While it was common practice as little as two years ago to simply create as many pages of content as possible, never mind the quality, that is no longer the case.

Now quality reigns, and using socially sharable content, and on several different channels is the way to get the coveted search rankings and traffic we seek. The question now is: how do we do that, exactly?

Best practices for content marketing in 2014

The first thing to understand about content marketing on today's web internet is that it's not merely textual. Your content can come in many flavors, and most of all you need to get that it must be compatible with mobile platforms. Today's audience receives more than 50 percent of their access to the Web via a mobile device, and that number is going up.

Here are 3 ways to win with content marketing moving forward.

Infographics and Visuals – Everybody loves a good infographic, and you can discover a use for one in nearly any market. Neil Patel of KISSmetrics realized more than 2.5 million visitors and over 40,000 backlinks when he instituted an aggressive infographic initiative. Study more about that here.

Video – Let's face it: most of today's audience would prefer to watch than read. Whether it's time or flat out preference, the numbers don't lie. So video is now an integral piece in your marketing quiver, whether you like it or not. Moreover, it's dangerous to ignore the massive traffic that videos can bring around.

Longer, more in-depth content – Make it your objective to show off your authority by showing everyone what you know. Longer form, quality content is being rewarded by Google with authority, trust and good rankings. This doesn't have to be only blog posts, but can also be reports, whitepapers, ebooks and more.

Take the time to spread the wealth of your content over various channels and mediums. You'll be amazed at the return on this investment!