The Best Visual Advertising Platforms

Today, the internet is a vast visual platform for advertisement and marketing. In the old days, it was mostly a text-based platform but today it’s more visual. Not only that – it’s becoming more visual every single day as technology to deliver those types of files improves and broadband becomes more ubiquitous. Here are a few visual advertising platforms that you should use.


Facebook is a great place to put viral memes that can be seen by thousands and even millions of people. That is a way to put an ad up free of charge. You can turn that meme into a paid advertisement too if it has proven to get good traction, by using sponsored posts or running it as an advertisement if it fits in with the TOS.


You may not realize it, but you can use LinkedIn with visual elements that can help with your marketing. LinkedIn allows you to upload PowerPoint slides and other images as well as articles, links to books you’ve written and more. These are all opportunities to use visual advertising to your advantage.


The original pictorial advertising platform where you can build pin boards that are visually appealing about your brand, the topics you want your audience to understand and more. This platform is tailor-made for visual ads.


Formerly a text-based format, now you can use Twitpics and other means to deliver visual advertisements and marketing effortlessly. You can market using pictures on Twitter free, and you can also use videos and images with paid ads on Twitter now.


A very popular visual sharing platform among millennials, it should be for you too because it works. People have built entire careers using photos on Instagram, simply based on awesome images they take with their iPhones.


The reason we have visual advertising and marketing on the internet now is because of what YouTube has accomplished with their platform. With YouTube you can start a channel free and use it to market your business, or you can run very effective paid ads.

Your Website

That’s right, your website is the best place to put visual advertising techniques to work. The more visual your website, the better it will work. That doesn’t mean you have to use a lot of images, but you can use beautiful colors, readable fonts, and clean lines to make a visually pleasing website that gets results.

Using visual advertising platforms to make the most of your marketing efforts is an imperative for you to compete in the crowded internet marketing space. If you can stand out with your use of amazing and effective visual advertising techniques, you can turn any business into an amazing success.