If you want your business easily found nowadays, you better have an online presence. According to statistics, 85 percent of consumers use the Internet to find a local business. Today’s consumers prefer to research products and services online before finalizing a purchase, and websites make this easier to do than ever. This means if you don’t have a website, you could be losing a lot of potential business.

For businesses of any size, website creation and good web design is important. For startup businesses, it can even be the catalyst to success. To have some control regarding the information that a potential customer sees or reads about your business, your website needs to have the following qualities.

Website Creation Success Depends on Having Seven Must-Have Qualities

  1. Clean and clutter-free layout

Many business owners try to do too much at once, ending up overloading their website with texts, images, videos, and so on. Though it’s understandable to want to include everything on the homepage, it’s actually off-putting to a lot of users. Make your website design clean and warm, with content that aligns with your customer’s goals. Let the phrase ‘less is more’ be your key approach when designing your website.

  1. Fewer choices

Too much choice can be overwhelming, so don’t treat your website like a grocery aisle. If you want your user to follow a specific path, design your website accordingly. Providing visitors with an onslaught of navigation choices can confuse them, and they could leave the site without trying any of your offerings. Expandable menus are a great way to enhance the focus and clarity of your site.

  1. Latest design trends

Many brands tend to shy away from using the latest design trends, afraid that they may scare off conservative customers. While it’s important to consider the preferences of the end user, taking a little risk can result in bigger rewards, stronger customer ties, and boosted brand loyalty. Dynamic details, bold colors and asymmetrical shapes can make for an exciting brand impression. Work with a savvy web designer to know what works for your target market.

  1. Empathy and realness

‘Seamless’ and ‘easy-to-navigate’ are words often thrown in when discussing good website creation.  To achieve these, you need to identify your users’ problem points and invest in solutions that make their experience as problem-free and enjoyable as possible. For instance, you can attempt to ‘humanize’ an otherwise technical product by providing easily understandable descriptions.

  1. Right content for scanning

Most people won’t go through an entire piece of content—they’ll simply scan it for information they find relevant. You’ll need to provide information that’s brief, direct, and easy to understand. Because people like to scan the text quickly, make sure your content has a simple and effective layout.

  1. Motion

Animation and video can establish mood and tell the brand’s story quickly and impressively. Plus, they can help your brand and its offerings feel current and relevant, which can be extremely helpful if you have a static product such as a hotel or restaurant. Website videos are more popular than ever, and allows for engaging stories and elaborate product demos.

  1. Respect for audience

Ultimately, successful web design is defined by the respect you give to your target audience and the investment you put into providing them value and making their lives better. Show you care and value your customers, and they will value your brand in turn.

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