fb-dos-and-dontsFacebook is an incredible platform for business, despite what you may have heard. Although many would have it continue being the world's largest kitten and baby photo repository, it has definite uses for business, and smart marketers are making very sizeable gains by using Facebook.

There are however, some ways to be smart about it. We've found several do's and don'ts you want to keep front of mind when marketing on Facebook, lest you end up running afoul of the largest social media giant on earth.

Let's take a close look at a few of the things to do and not to do when using Facebook for business purposes.

Be sure to:

  • Be quick to respond – If you leave people hanging for days or weeks before you get back to them, you've already lost.
  • Briefer is better – Research now indicates that posts of less than 80 characters are 66% more likely to be engaged with.
  • Build your page organically – Building a popular page on Facebook is best done through having readers recommend and share you. You can help it along somewhat by running a Like campaign to a targeted group.
  • Ask questions – This will engage like nothing else!
  • Post great content – No one will share your content if it's sub-par. Make sure you are sharing something you would want to read, and more importantly that your audience would as well.
  • Have a regular posting schedule – You'll need to test this for yourself to see what your audience wants, but it's safe to say that 1 time a week isn't enough, and a few dozen is too much, unless testing proves different.
  • Use the Facebook ad platform – Possibly the best PPC platform available to the public at large, it's a fantastic way to expand your reach.
  • Be sure to share – Let the world know about your content by sharing it across all your channels and platforms.
  • Engage – Get acquainted with your audience and directly talk to them, It will pay off.


    • Sell all the livelong day – Nobody wants to be constantly sold to, so don't do it! Adopt the 80/20 rule as regards content to offers.
    • Ignore questions or problems – A quick recipe for disaster.
    • Make huge posts – This isn't the place for long-form content. Link out to it on your blog if you need to.
    • Buy Page Likes – This is like buying fake sales. A page with thousands of fans but little to no interaction is a dead giveaway.
    • Post content not related to your business – This isn't your personal Facebook page, so don't treat is that way. Make it about your business and you'll be rewarded.