Pay-Per-Click Services Perfectly Complements SEO Marketing StrategiesWhen it comes to digital marketing, two strategies are truly better than just one. Businesses get better results when they use pay-per-click services (PPC) in conjunction with search engine optimization (SEO) to boost their sales.

According to statistics, 81% of shoppers conduct an online research on a brand before making a final purchase. This means that most consumers will only buy if they believe that the brand is trustworthy. One way to build credibility is to create a website that ranks high in organic search and has a strong online presence. While SEO ensures that you can achieve higher search engine rankings provided the right keywords, PPC will actually put you on top of the search ranking provided that you are deemed relevant to the user.

Why You Should Try PPC with SEO

Most businesses tend to use PPC and SEO strategies separately. Though both have their own list of pros and cons, these two can reinforce each other’s strengths when utilized together in a digital marketing strategy. A well-coordinated PPC and SEO campaign can increase your online visibility since both aim to dominate the search engine rankings. By using both, you also increase the chances of bigger web traffic volume which in turn leads to better conversion rates.

While it might seem that majority of users tend to favor organic results more than paid ads, studies show that those who clicked on paid ads are more likely to purchase. In fact, 64.6% of clicks are for paid ads that use keywords with high commercial intent. That is to say, searchers don’t mind paid ads as long as the advertisement actually addresses what the user is looking for. Further studies show that the lower the search engine rankings organic result has, the more it needs PPC to get more clicks.

Tips on starting PPC

As a general rule, you should hire a professional to set up and manage your PPC campaign. PPC marketing seems so simple that many business try the do-it-yourself route. Most of these lose significant amounts of money trying to monitor and analyze everything makes them lose focus on their core activities.

A PPC campaign entails constant monitoring and optimizing to get better return on investment. Those who have used Google AdWords for PPC have found it too complex for those with limited understanding on how such campaigns work. Those that are only too happy to use Google’s default campaign settings learned too late that these default settings are designed to drain your budget without seeing any of it returned.

You have to recognize that digital marketing is not limited to one strategy alone. By binding your SEO strategy with PPC, you can start dominating the search engine rankings and reap the rewards of your digital marketing with a significant increase in sales.


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