The role of the pay-per-click advertising agency may have changed with evolving search engine algorithms, but that doesn’t mean that role has lessened. On the contrary, pay-per-click remains a useful way to direct a curious visitor to your site, not to mention cost-effective. Some would say it’s more important than ever.

What makes pay-per-click such a useful internet marketing tool is that you only pay a fee when a user clicks on your ad. Thus, you’re only footing the bill for an ad that serves its intended purpose. Plus, it gets cheaper the more clicks you get. Because increasing clicks to your ad mean more opportunity for conversion, that means the more profitable your pay-per-click ad is, the lesser the investment you put in, percentage-wise.

Here are the three key reasons why PPC remains a relevant form of online advertising and that you would be remiss not to include it in your online advertising campaign.

Pay per Click Advertising Remains a Relevant in Online Marketing Tool

Great placement in SERPs

When your PPC ad is structured and optimized well, it will sit atop search engine results pages (SERPs) where users can easily see it. That single click can turn into a completed sale, and that completed sale can turn into a repeat customer. Imagine benefitting from all that just from a single click.

Instant measurable results

Whereas other online marketing strategies require a certain time frame before the desired results can happen, PPC ads can yield instant tangible results. It all boils down to the fact that PPC campaigns enhance brand visibility to a custom-targeted audience at minimal expense. You get what you pay for—no more, no less. This in itself makes PPC an immediately useful tool to have for startup businesses with meager budgets.

Better targeting through high level of ad customization

PPC allows you to target your audience in a specific place at a specific time with a specific ad. You can deliver highly customized messages to your target customer at prime time when they are near your business location.

Do you see now how PPC can be a viable online marketing channel for your brand? Even if you’ve never done it before, a knowledgeable pay per click advertising agency such as Grow Smart Marketing can guide you every step of the way toward PPC success.


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