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✮ Protect Your Online Reputation: Start with Your Website
✮ Promote Your Biz with a 6-Second Looping Video

Protect Your Online Reputation: Start with Your Website

protect your online reputationIf your home is your castle, then your website should perform a similar task for your online assets. Your virtual real estate is very valuable indeed, and can be the difference between profit and loss every year. Protecting your site not only physically from hacking, phishing and other nefarious online maladies that didn’t even exist a decade ago is only part of it. You also need to engage in online reputation marketing.

Why protecting your online reputation is vital!

We are fast becoming a society of open books. As more and more of our information is shared online, it’s important that we control the tenor and flow of what’s seen and said about us. This is particularly true if you own a business. reports that 87 percent of people believe the CEO’s reputation is an important part of a company’s reputation.

What’s more, they also report that 70 percent of companies have rejected a candidate because of something they found on social media.

If that didn’t seal the deal, how about 80 percent of people changing their minds about a purchase after viewing a bad review.

Okay, so it’s abundantly clear that we need to make sure we are looking after our rep online, but exactly how can you be proactive about this? I mean, can you control what people do and say? The answer is…somewhat. Read on!

5 Ways to safeguard your online reputation

Here are five proven ways to make sure you control the lion’s share of what is said about you online.

  1. Monitor your online reputation regularly – Make sure you are performing a Google search at least once per week, and have set up Google Alerts for your names and brands. It’s crucial to know when someone is having a go at you!
  2. Be careful what you post online – The basic rule is, “Don’t put anything online you don’t want everyone to know!”
  3. Don’t fight online! – Getting into online spats with customers, competitors or anyone is not only unprofessional, but will turn out badly 99.9999 percent of the time! Handle disputes with calm, professional generous dispatch, and you’ll be rewarded by the flames going out on what could have been a big fire!
  4. Images can be damaging – Those pictures of you passed out on the beach in Baja? Think they’re not going to surface just when you’re trying to closer a big deal? Think again!
  5. Create tons of great content – One of the best ways to control what people find about you in search is to create lots of content featuring yours or your brand’s name. This has two benefits: one it helps you in the search rankings, and two; it pushes any negatives further down the search results where they’ll likely not be seen, as Google consider your site the authority for your brand.

Take your online reputation seriously, and proactively seek to ward off any potential problems. Your bottom line will thank you!

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 Promote Your Biz with a 6-Second Looping Video

Short Video tipsYou may have seen these short, six-second videos from a service called Vine. Recently bought by Twitter, these brief video snippets are proving to be unique and handy tools for marketing your small (or large!) business.

In fact, a sure sign of success is when you begin to be imitated, and it didn’t take long for another major player, Instagram, to get in on the fun with their own version. Be aware that as we talk about how you can use these types of videos on Vine, the same principles would apply elsewhere!

10 Innovative ways to use Vine videos in your marketing!

  1. Show your happy customers – Give people a glimpse of some of your satisfied customer, and this works even better if you can get them to do it themselves!
  2. Introduce new products and services – An intriguing look at your new offerings can go a long way to helping create a buzz around them. Maybe a series of Vines? Just thinking out loud…
  3. Show before and after shots – Works great for designers, contractors and other creative markets dealing with makeovers. Real estate agents are making use of this as well for quick virtual tours leading to a complete listing.
  4. Show them around the office – Give people a six-second tour of your office. It won’t take long! Giving people a look at how you do things creates trust.
  5. Teach and ingratiate – This format is perfect for short videos teaching how to do something, or simply some interesting diversions. Check out how the San Francisco Zoo accomplished this with a frog vine!
  6. Show off your product lines – Use Vines (or several of them) to showcase your products, colors and accessories. RedVines accomplishes this nicely with their Vine.
  7. Use humor – You might think it would be hard to be humorous in six seconds. You’d be wrong. See how Malibu Rum shows how their product and pineapple were made for each other.
  8. Introduce your staff – No need to worry about anyone getting long-winded! Short, punchy intro videos give a face to your brand! Not only for senior executives, either! Give a face to the people who package their orders, etc.
  9. Tell the story of your brand – Get creative and show the story behind your brand. See how The Gap did it here.
  10. Prompt action – Use a call to action to get people to go to your site, see your new content, download a freebie, sign up to your list, see your new products, and the list goes on! This type of video lends itself to wanting more anyway, so be sure to ask for it!

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