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7 Killer Ways to Get New Content Promoted with Great Effect

7 Awesome SEO Tips for small business

May 2015

7 Killer Ways to Get New Content Promoted with Great EffectAs we are all no doubt aware, content marketing is the flavor of the year when it comes to online marketing tactics. And for good reason, as Google is constantly looking to reward great content with high search rank positions.

Moreover the rise of social sharing has led to the possibility that your content can have a far greater reach and influence than you were ever able to muster before.

It’s no longer simply enough to create great content and expect Google to rank it and have visitors come running. Now the recipe calls for creation and subsequent (or concurrent) promotion. You need to be able to strategically plan how and where to promote each piece of content for maximum exposure and traffic.

To accomplish this, you need to have an idea of the best places to promote, we’ve come up with a handy list of 7 terrific ways to promote new content.

7 Killer Ways to Get New Content Promoted with Great Effect

gsm may2015 newsletterEmail your list

If you have an email list, (and you should!) be sure to send out an email previewing and encouraging your readers to go to your content source and view it. Also use this opportunity to encourage sharing the content to their social channels as well.

slideshareCreate a slide deck for SlideShare

SlideShare is one of the top 150 sites on the internet, and receives tens of millions of unique visitors per month.

Create a slide deck of (usually) condensed content, and make sure it is optimized for search well. Google ranks SlideShare content well, and you can receive a lot of traffic from this source.

doc sharing sitesDoc sharing sites

Another way of repurposing your content and getting a lot of new eyeballs to your site is by publishing it on document sharing sites like Docstoc, Scribd, and Issuu.

These sites are very well trafficked and provide great links and a large active audience.


This is a paid service that promotes content on highly trafficked sites, like FastCompany, Reuters, Wall street Journal, CNN and, to name but a very few.

You pay per click, and it is surprisingly reasonable for such a high-powered syndication service.

social mediaPublish on your social media channels

One of the best ways to get more exposure for your content is by linking from all your social media channels.

You never really know who among your readers has a huge following of their own that you might be able to tap into.

paid promotionPaid promotion on Facebook and LinkedIn

Direct promotion on LinkedIn and especially Facebook in the form of a promoted post (NOT a boosted post) are great ways to reach specific segments of audience you may want to explore.

This can be relatively inexpensive, particularly if you take the time to find a highly targeted audience.

make a videoMake a video

Creating short slideshow video or teaser about your content and posting it to YouTube can result in a large influx of visitors who might otherwise been unaware of your new content.

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7 Awesome SEO Tips for small business

7 Awesome SEO Tips for small businessMost people consider SEO something of a dark art, and don’t pretend to have a clue where to start, and in a sense they’re right. The reason for this is that SEO is in a constant state of change and adjustment. What worked last year is bound to get you penalized this year, so merely keeping up is a chore in itself.

That said, there are a number of things we can do in our business SEO that will certainly help us on our search engine rankings. We’ve tried to deliver 7 of the most likely to remain around for more than a moment, and give you a good start at optimizing your small business site for search.

7 SEO tips for small business sites

Create epic content

There’s no getting around it: Google loves long form content that is authoritative. If you can create 1000-2000 word posts or pages, you’ll be a rock star in the rankings. This has so many benefits; not only will you rank better, you will get more shares, mentions, and comments.

Internal linking

Internal links to other relevant pages on your site is a great way to rank for many more keywords than you might have targeted with one post or page. This is one area where it’s fine to use an anchor text keyword in your links, so don’t be shy about it.

Optimize your site for mobile

With more than half of all organic searches originating form a mobile device, you’d be crazy not to have a responsive mobile version of your site available. The mobile search is practically a parallel universes when it comes to search, so don’t neglect this!

Set up your Google My Business account

I almost didn’t include this, as Google seems to change their local site constantly, but this one seems like it may stick. It has a number of cool functions besides tying into your Google+ account, including an easy Hangout integration. This is a necessity for ranking well in local search.

Make your content sharable

Be sure to include the facility to share your best content. People love to send along what they’ve discovered, and you just never know which influencer with millions of followers may be reading or viewing your content.

Get your NAP data consistent

Getting your business name address and phone correct across all Web platforms, including your social media channels is a must-do. Incorrect entries will keep you from getting visitors, as well as harm your search rankings.

Acquire proper backlinks

It’s still a competitive world when it comes to rankings, and you will still need to get backlinks to your site. Do it the smart way, however, by letting it happen naturally by posting and sharing terrific content, and whatever you do, don’t be that guy who goes out and purchases a few million links. Google will find you out, and your rankings will drop like a stone.

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