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Issue 026 March 2015 // Grow Smart Marketing

Welcome to the latest issue of the Grow Smart Growth Bites, your monthly newsletter dedicated to business growth and development. In this issue:

  • How to Craft a Winning Marketing Plan for 201

  • How to Perform Effective Keyword Research in 2015

How to Craft a Winning Marketing Plan for 2015

Winning Marketing

There’s no time like the present to get to work on a marketing plan for the current year. In reality, it should have been done before the year began, but there’s still time to put something into play that will make your year far more productive and profitable than years before.

We just need to understand how to intelligently that plan together.

First things first: Know your market

Before you put in place an ambitious set of new initiatives, it would be wise to give these three things some careful thought:

  • Understand who your buyers are: you only have a one in 16 chance of selling to a new lead, but that rises to a more than 50 percent chance of making repeat sales to existing customers.
  • What special considerations are there this year? Do you have new products coming out, expanding locations, etc.
  • What is your budget? Can you compete in certain arenas and not others? Best to know this going in!

So what should you consider for your marketing plan?

Each business will have its own unique set of ways in which it markets, but here are some marketing ideas to get you thinking. These are working quite well in the here and now!

  • Get deep into visual content – There’s no getting around it: people are mesmerized by visual content, whether it is videos, infographic, images, memes, you name it. The best news here is that there are solid ways to market this way, including YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Don't discount other PPC avenues – The world doesn’t begin and end with Google Adwords. In fact, there are several other solutions that may work far better, including Facebook Ads, Yahoo and Bing PPC, as well as Sponsored Tweets, ads on LinkedIn and much more. Time to investigate!
  • Energize your email list – Make this the year you really make a concerted effort to not only increase the size of your list, but to make it a more efficient income stream. You can thank us later.
  • Blog more and better – Businesses that blog regularly harvest a whopping 67% more leads than those who don’t. Blogging can help you in more ways than just lead generation though, as Google will also love the constant infusion of fresh content onto your site. Don’t write just anything: make your content exciting, newsworthy and valuable to your readers.
  • SEO the heck out of your site – Leads generated from SEO close at twice the rate (14.7% to 7.1%) than leads that come from outbound advertising. It can’t hurt to make your site as SEO-friendly as possible, and begin to rank for more search terms in your market. It’s not as hard as you might think!


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How to Perform Effective Keyword Research in 2015

Keyword Research

Many are rushing to proclaim the end of keywords as an item we should be concerned about when performing SEO on our webpages and content. They say that it’s all about social, or searcher intent.

To a degree they’re right. Searcher intent is now a large part of the process, and ultimately helps in improving conversions as well.

But let’s not rush to throw the keyword baby out with the bathwater just yet. In fact, since the Hummingbird update, they may be more important than ever!

Why we still need keyword research

There are three main reasons in our view why we will still need solid keyword research going forward. Let’s look at them.

  • Identify keyword opportunities – Like it or not Google still uses keywords to determine what our content is about. Proper keyword research can help us find keywords that off the best opportunity for ranking, conversions and advertising.
  • See what your competition is up to – Your competitors are a wealth if intelligence for you. Once you know what they are optimized for, it will make your task so much easier, and you’ll be able to ferret out words that haven’t yet used.
  • Mine keywords for content – Google these days is all about intent and relevance. Your keywords need to match what your page is about exactly, and the more of them you have (different keywords) the better.

How to do keyword research in 2015

Once you have an idea what it is you want to discover, you’ll need to arm yourself with a few tools to get the task done. Don’t worry, this won’t cost a lot of money; none in fact.

What it does require however is some times and careful thought. You need to understand the intent of the searcher in detail for your market, and also the subtle way certain words have the ability to sway buying decisions. These are called “buying” keywords.

A few of these tools include…

Google Keyword Planner – Formerly the Adwords tool, this tool is free to use if you have an Adwords (Google) account. It will let you harvest up to 800 keywords per search, and give you basic search info on them. It will also help you spy on the keywords your competition is using.

SEMRush – A paid tool that sports a free version, that actually has some usefulness in it. A very useful tool for mining your competitor’s keywords. – A nifty little application that delves into Google’s autocomplete functions and returns those results to you in a usable fashion.  A massive timesaver, and also free.

Once you have gathered your raw data, it’s time to sit down and put your thinking cap on, and put yourself in the minds of your searchers. Discover their intent and relevance and you’re most of the way home!

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