As someone who is managing your own business, it helps to keep up with the trends. This is particularly true when it comes to your brand's online presence. After all, when you are keeping up with the latest trends in website development, there is a greater chance that you are more relevant to your target market. Such relevance increases the chances of converting your online visitor into your next loyal customer.

When it comes to website design, some leading trends are worth adopting for your company's online presence.

Top Website Development Trends That Matter For Your Business In 2017

Mobile platforms are becoming increasingly important

Gone are the days when people sit glued to their computer and laptop screens. In today's world, it's all about gaining access to just about anything and everything at your fingertips.

Think mobility.

Browsing is now easily done while on the go and nearly everywhere a person happens to be, thanks to mobile device technology. Handhelds can do almost anything a laptop or desktop can do when it come to browsing, researching and buying, not to mention emailing and social site messaging. This is why it has become more crucial than ever to make sure you have a website that accommodates all platforms, from desktop, to laptop, to mobile devices especially.

Your website cannot afford to underestimate the mobile platform. Your business' website must load onto mobile devices easily and allow easy navigation so that visitors will not lose interest in the blink of an eye. The numbers attest to the importance of this: According to latest research, 61 percent of online visitors are unlikely to return to a mobile website that they had trouble accessing the first time. Even worse, 40 percent of these visitors will opt to check out a brand's competition instead.

GIF and cinematography matter more than you think 

Nowadays, online visitors aren't likely to spend more than a second or two on a simple, static website. This is why more and more businesses are posting GIF images and short video clips on their websites. Their effects cannot be ignored. According to a recent report, posting some form of cinema-graph on a website can result in as much as a 20 percent increase in new visitor conversions.

Simply put, videos make online visitors happy. When they are happy, they become more eager to spend more time on your site and on ordering the product or service that you are offering.

Immediate customer support is appreciated

Sure, you have a “contact us page,” just like every other company website. You thought you'd also go one step further and add a form where people or other businesses can leave their contact details and a short message about their inquiry. Unfortunately, these methods don't cater to the current demands of here and now. To help tip the scales in your favor, keep customer support on standby for your website by adding a simple chat box that pops up for your online visitors when they open your website. This way, someone can instantly receive a direct answer from your representatives when asking questions about your product, service or purchases.

Let your page tell a rich story 

Today's market loves a good story. It's not just about getting product information anymore. It's about building an online relationship and confirming the notion among your faithful visitors that your product or service is right for them. In order to tell this story, you have to captivate people and keep your online visitor engaged. Don't stop at just trying to sell your product or service. You must first sell an entire online experience, one that impresses, convinces and lures all at once.

Use high quality videos, sounds, images and social media campaigns that appeal positively to your market's emotion. If you can do this, your audience will want to stay loyal to your brand because they believe you know exactly what they want and what matters to them. 

If website development is on your company's to-do list this year, keep these fresh trends and methodologies in mind. They can set your brand apart from the rest of the pack online.

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