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Issue 017 June 2014 // Grow Smart Marketing

Welcome to the latest issue of the Grow Smart Growth Bites, your monthly newsletter dedicated to business growth and development. In this issue:

  • See How to Improve Universal Search Rankings Using Visual Content

  • How to Make Sure You Aren’t Committing Any of These 5 Call to Action Blunders!


See How to Improve Universal Search Rankings Using Visual Content

Universal Search Ranking with Bisual Content

Understanding how to best utilize Google’s Universal Search to your advantage in the SERPs is key to realizing any meaningful rankings or traffic. One of the ways marketers are finding gold these days is through the use of visual content, specifically, images and videos.

Let’s take a quick look at how these elements are ranking, and what you can do to ensure that your visual content makes an appearance in the Universal Search results as well.

How you can rank your videos in universal search

First of all, make sure you are producing videos on a regular basis, especially if you have products to showcase. Studies show that 96% of people find videos useful when it comes to making buying decisions online.

Moreover, if your products tend to be, shall we say, less than thrilling, a how-to video can be the vehicle that leads the person viewing into a buying frenzy, once they are shown exactly what your product can do for them. A good thumbnail never hurts either, as it can make your video result standout even more.

One other factor that seems to be making a difference for companies in ranking video in universal search is the use of high quality, structured data ingrained within their videos. This is done using rule-based HTML tags that give the search engines enough data to rank your video accordingly. Some of this data includes a lot of what you would find on YouTube: the number of views, ratings, the date it was uploaded, description and the length of the video.

What about the use of images?   

For images, the task is considerably easier if you are able to buy into what Google is asking you to do.

Primarily, this means unique and original images. Google is getting better and better at determining what is unique content and what is not, and if you are able to come up with your own imagery, you will stand a far greater chance of ranking well.

Also, optimizing your images for relevance, keywords, title and alt tags is crucial to helping you rank your images. (For more information on SEO optimization, check out our SEO page here)

Showing up in Google’s universal search image bar on page one of the SERPs is a large coup, and can be had for relatively little effort. Combine this with a solid Pinterest and Instagram initiative and you can really ramp up some serious traffic.

Universal Search – Much misunderstood…

Many marketers are unsure what to make of universal search, but in reality it is merely a blending of the vertical and specialty search engines, which encompass video, images, news etc.

Not all searches bring back universal search, but for product owners, you can be fairly sure that it will apply. What’s more, you can be certain that optimizing for it will be fruitful.



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How to Make Sure You Aren’t Committing Any of These 5 Call to Action Blunders!


Call to Action Blunders

You do all the work of getting visitors to your offers, do a bang-up job of selling them and then, just when things are getting near the goal line, you fumble the call to action and all is lost.

There are many ways to mess this part up, but here are 5 of the biggest blunders in our view.

5 Call to action blunders to avoid at all costs

  • Not actually having one – It should go without saying that if you want to get someone to take an action, you need to actually employ a call to action. You would be surprised how many marketers fail at this so magnificently. Whether they want to avoid being too pushy or simply don’t understand the need to do this, the first task is to make sure it’s there!
  • Not having enough of them – If you are of the opinion that one call to action is enough, you are just flat out mistaken. Often, your sales copy or simply the structure of your page is such that your lonely, obscure call to inaction is well down the page, thereby ensuring that many of your visitors never even see it. Use 2-3 calls to action, interspersed throughout your copy, preferably with one above the fold.
  • They aren’t standing out – You don’t need a gaudy neon sign, but you do need to make sure they are seen. If you are too intent on matching the CTA to the colors and sizes found on the rest of your page, you run the risk of having it become invisible. Rather try to stand out, reasonably, and afford your visitors the opportunity to see your offers.
  • Not specific or authoritative – One proven fact of successful calls to action is that they are at the same time both authoritative and very specific. You need to tell your audience exactly what you would have them do, and not leave it to chance or misunderstanding. Moreover, you need to speak with the confidence that speaks volumes about your products or services. If you don’t believe in it, neither will they!
  • No discernible benefits – Give some careful thought to your wording when you ask for the action. What is the real benefit here to them? Is it what they want, or what you want? All too often we assume that they are simply dying to sign up to our list, and have you pummel them with emails. Instead, why not craft your call to action with a real, useful benefit that they would indeed be eager to click that link for. That will set you up better for the future as well.

Your call to action is often the entry point for the lifeblood of your business; new customers. Make sure you are optimizing this part of your business just as carefully as you would anything else.

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