Grow Smart Newsletter May 2014

Issue 024 January 2015 // Grow Smart Marketing

Welcome to the latest issue of the Grow Smart Growth Bites, your monthly newsletter dedicated to business growth and development. In this issue:

  • How to Understand and Make the Best Use of Backlinks for 2015

  • How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

How to Understand and Make the Best Use of Backlinks for 2015


Knowing what type of backlinks that can actually do something positive for your web pages can be a confusing and sometimes dangerous exercise in webpage optimization.

Google has been on a relentless campaign to rid their search results of spammy links, and to a large extent, because of the Penguin and Panda series of updates, largely have.

So what does this mean for the average site owner trying to get ranked? How do you build backlinks that not only won’t get you in trouble with Google, but actually do some good?

Let’s look at 5 elements of good link building

Rethink your anchor text – One of the big focuses of Google’s Penguin update was the way it considers anchor text. Used to be you could have many if not all of your incoming links using your primary keyword. Not so anymore. Now in order to have a “natural” link profile, you need a mixture of keywords, naked URLs, click here’s and other assorted text that makes sense. Try to get around this at your own peril!

Encourage social sharing – Far and away the best and easiest way to procure new incoming links is through the use of your social media channels. These social signals tell Google that people are indeed finding your content useful and are in essence voting it up. A solid reason to make sure you are announcing your blog and site content via social media, wouldn’t you say?

Be consistent and gradual – Having a boatload of links show up overnight without good cause, (like a launch or some other event) is a sure way to garner unwanted attention form Google. Instead, aim to win great links with a steady stream of excellent content that people are dying to share. If you reach a point where you stop gaining backlinks, look at your content, and see if you’ve eased off the gas or it’s not as compelling as it once was.

Aim for natural links – The days when you could get away with building a link profile consisting solely of backlinks that were purchased, scraped, fake comments and duplicate article and web directories entries is long gone. The algorithm will find you out. Even blog networks, unless constructed by you and not shared with anyone, will not produce anything but a penalty. Having people link to your site because they love it and want to share that is so much better on so many different levels.

Employ internal links for effect – One place where you can use primary keyword anchor text links to god effect is in the internal linking of your pages. This is actually rewarded by Google, and will help them determine how to rank your content, as well as provide a useful road map for your site visitors.


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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Video marketing

Since it’s abundantly clear to anyone with a pulse and an internet connection that video simply rocks, the question then becomes how does the small business owner incorporate them into their business?

Since this falls under the purview of content marketing, we need to approach it that way.

60 Seconds of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words of textual content. That’s a bunch of blog posts! Moreover, since videos are 4 times more engaging than static content and have been shown to convert better, there’s no reason to put it off any longer.

4 Key steps to a successful video marketing strategy

Decide on the type of videos you'll make – There are a number of different types of videos that can be created; everything from simple slideshows with narration, animated videos, how-to tutorials, interviews, product demos and more. Don’t think you need a massive investment in video production gear either: todays’ smartphones can handle much of what you need, as well as onscreen recoding tools like Screenflow or Camtasia. Technology is your friend here, as the software and tools are getting easier to use every day, and creating a high-quality video is not out of the reach of practically anyone.

Create a team and an editorial calendar – It’s important to designate someone as the lead on this type of content marketing endeavor. There is a lot to keep track of, and a scattershot approach will yield tepid results at best. Have a videographer in charge, or if you want to outsource this to an agency, a person on your end delegated the task of making sure your company’s interests are taken care of. Also, creating an editorial calendar with dates and deadlines will help you keep the content flowing, as well as enable you to strategically plan your marketing.

Plan to integrate your videos into your marketing – It’s one thing to produce a video, but that doesn’t mean you’re done. Optimizing your videos is a task you either need to learn or outsource, as there are literally 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each and every day. Your videos need to find their audience too! You need to make sure your video is distributed to the proper channels, as well as all your various social media channels to ensure as wide a reach as possible. These days videos can make an impact far greater than ever before through the use of social media. Definitely set up a company YouTube channel and utilize it!

Install good tracking – Whether you decide to use YouTube, a standalone video player or even simply Google analytics, tracking and understanding yourvideos performance is essential for long-term planning and marketing. Seeing what types of videos are getting the best response, and which ones aren’t can save you a lot of time and effort!

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