How to Improve Your Conversion Ratio

A conversion ratio is simply a comparison between how many people comment, retweet, pin, engage and so forth with your content versus those who don’t. When it comes to social media marketing, the key is engagement. The more engagement any share you have get, the more people will see it and the more engagement you’ll get, and it will be like an avalanche of activity that pays off for you in the end.

Use High Impact Keywords

22-1113tm-vector2-599Each social media network has its own high impact keywords that drive conversions. For example, on Twitter a high conversion word is “retweet.” Use these words in your post so that people know what to do. You’d think people will automatically share if they see your post, but many times they won’t. Tell them what to do and they will do it.

Use Hashtags

hashtag-1120301_960_720People are in love with using hashtags on every social media network. Hashtags are great to use and will help you expand your reach. The trick with using a hashtag is to make sure the one you pick is relevant and will be a keyword a lot of people use to find the information you’re sharing.

Get More Visual

Information with images is more likely to be shared than information without images. We are visual creatures and like to share images that make a point all on their own. If you can add a good meme to your content, it’s more likely to be shared and might even go viral. You can share all sorts of images on social media today, including video, jpgs, and GIFs.

Keep Updates to the Point

People have a short attention span. It’s better if you share shorter updates more often than share large updates less often. Studies are showing that shorter is better – unless it’s a blog post, in which case longer, more authoritative content is better.

Re-Share Your Top-Performing Content

It might seem strange, but you want to share your top-performing content more than you share content that is not performing. When something is working, jump on that, expand on it, write more like it, and share it more. You’ll dramatically improve your conversions doing this.

Make It Easy for Others to Share

shareYour website is where all your content should live – from memes to blog posts, to infographics and more. Make it easy for your website visitors to share your content by putting prominent share buttons and making the comment box clearly visible.

Tell Them What to Do

The easiest way to get more engagement and a higher conversion rate is to ask. Tell your audience what to do.Share this, read this, comment on this, what do you think? If you provide direction, they’re going to be much more likely to do what you want them to do.

Improving conversions on social media takes perseverance and commitment. Social media marketing is not an overnight way to success for most people. But it is a tried and true method to amplify the work that you do, spread awareness of your brand, build relationships and make more sales.