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✮ Why Not Use Vine to Make Short, Sharable Videos for Your Biz? ✮ 5 Surefire Tips for Location Based Marketing

Why Not Use Vine to Make Short, Sharable Videos for Your Biz?

Vine videos for businessYou might have heard about Vine, the latest video app available form Twitter, and wondered how in the world a six second video clip could possibly do any wonders for your business!

You’d be surprised!

In fact, smart business owners are using Vine to share these 6-second clips to help them brand, announce, introduce and otherwise promote their businesses in a way nothing else does.

Marketers are always moaning about ways to use Twitter for their business; well, here you go!

A couple of recent examples would includeRedVines, Urban Outfitters and Nintendo.

How to use Vine in your business

While still in its infancy, companies are finding innovative ways to use Vine to get the word out. Here are 4 ways from

  • Employee introductions – Makes short videos of your best employees. This is terrific way to market your brand, and not simply your products and services. And don’t limit this to management: allow clients and customers see the people who answer phones, load delivery trucks and work the cash registers too. These are the ones they deal with!
  • Behind the scenes clips of your office – Give a glimpse of what goes on at your company, showing different departments or tasks to let your customers get a peek at your office environment. Holiday Vine videos may well be the card de jour this coming season!
  • Your latest promotions – Using Vine as a way to make an inexpensive commercial that is concise and right to the point. According to IAB, 10-15 second spots were the most popular ads. Show off your newest product or advertise your services through a cleverly-cut Vine video.
  • Vine your company announcements – You’re your Tweets about anything to do with your company far more exciting with a Vine video. You can introduce new team members or promotions, and highlight awards or special recognition in an engaging fun, and sharable way!

And even more from :

  • Show what your product looks like from different angles.
  • Shoot a short personal introduction of your company owners.
  • Record short and crisp customer testimonials after they have used your product.
  • Use Vine to send out 6 sec coverage of your launch or event.
  • If you are a realtor, send out a quick walk through of the property that you have listed. (walk fast!)
  • If you are in fashion business, create a 6 sec video showing your latest, hottest outfits.
  • Share your website design or show how your new app or game works.
  • Food establishments can show menu items and specials.
  • Show your work process by recording its different stages.
  • Interior decorators can use Vine to show what the room looked like before and after.

Vine is trending hot right now, and is a great opportunity to catch some attention with clever, funny and informative short, looping videos that are drop dead easy to make! Grab that Vine before it swings away!

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5 Surefire Tips for Location Based Marketing

Location based marketingAs business moves more and more in your local direction, you will want to make sure that you’re doing all that you can to ensure that not only is your business being found locally, but that you’re winning the space!

Here are 5 great tips to help get your location based marketing on track!

Optimize and complete your listings – According to Yext, businesses are losing out to the tune of some $10.3 billion dollars a year as a result of missing or sketchy listings. This one should be a no brainer. Take the small amount of time it takes to get your business listed correctly on sites like Google+ Local, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook, MapQuest and others you are using. Not only does this ensure you’ll show up in local search, but the correct images, addresses, phone numbers and additional information can result in actual money coming in. Small price to pay!

Ask for and reward reviews – Anyone that loves your products or services and is willing to express that to you should be asked to do a review. Certainly regular customers will have no problem with this, but even first-timers can be persuaded to do so, particularly if you grease the wheels a bit with a reward of some sort. Sometimes this can be as simple as a link back, a shoutout, or a coupon.

Incentivize your local business – Incentives have become expected when it comes to location based marketing. The competition is stiff, and it is incumbent upon you to provide a reason for customers to come back again and again, and to refer others to do the same.

Coupons and geo-based local apps – According to Entrepreneur, “location-based marketing works in two directions. One, you can PUSH ads out to people based on their location. Are they in the same vicinity as your retail stores? That can help you avoid wasting money. Two, you can PULL people in who are in discovery mode. The Blue Fog Market is a new deli around the corner from my office. When I looked for a place to eat nearby, Yelp showed me they had a deal for a free cup of Blue Bottle Coffee with purchase when I “check in.”

Coupon apps are still viable, and people will use them to find deals in your local area! There are many such apps and companies out there, and you’re not limited to Groupon and Living Social.

Being responsive – Understanding that engaging and being responsive to customer and prospects needs and concerns via social media or through email or a website review is key to your success with location based marketing. This sword cuts both ways, so not only should you be mindful of how you reply, but how fast. Concerns left stewing for days or weeks can become infected, and that will not be good for the health of your business!

Location-based marketing is a great way to add value to people and money to your bottom line. Start winning your local area today!

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