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✮  What Does Content Marketing Look Like Now?
✮  Curing Shopping Cart Abandonment

What Does Content Marketing Look Like Now?

Content Marketing Tips for Business 2014No doubt you’ve heard the clamor for the coronation of the King, Content Marketing. It’s very easy to agree with this, especially with the role that social media has and will continue to play in the SEO, traffic and authority of our web properties.

But what exactly should we be doing to make sure the mix we are using for our content marketing initiatives is as potent as we’d like it to be?

The shape of content marketing in 2014

The three buzzwords characterizing content marketing in 2014 are quality, multi-channel and social. Google’s Hummingbird update, along with the ongoing Panda and Penguin purges have left little doubt that in order to win with content, it’s going to have to be good, visual and able to be shared widely.

It’s no longer as simple as having a mobile or social media strategy: it’s all about being able to be found on any size or type of screen or device. With more active mobile devices than adults in this country, we’ve definitely passed the tipping point!

So what types of content are best these days?

Some content is worth far more than others. Today’s ability to secure a reach far beyond your site’s borders has seen to that. Let’s look at four types of content that wins in 2014.

Longer form content – It’s clear that Google is favoring quality long form content and rewards it with authority and rank. This can take the form of not only longer blog posts and articles, but reports, whitepapers, webinars, and even Kindle ebooks.

Videos – With roughly half of all web traffic going to videos, and that number rising for the foreseeable future, it’s clearly time to market on video if you aren’t already. The cost of video is hardly an issue anymore, and you are missing out on opportunities to tell your story online to a vast, ravenous audience.

Visual Content – This can be in the form of imagery, shared visual content (Pinterest, Instagram) and especially infographics. Neil Patel of KISSmetrics has revealed that by spending $600 per infographic over the last two years, (47 in all to the tune of $28,200) KISSmetrics has raked in 2,512,596 visitors, 41,142 links, 41,359 Tweets and some 20,859 Likes. This is traffic and leads that would have cost more than $800,000.

Tools and software – If you have the ability to create a free tool that your audience would find useful you run the risk of being swamped by visitors! This benefits you in many ways, from skyrocketing your trust and authority to long-term, heavy traffic. This one deserves some thought!

Content marketing in 2014 isn’t merely about blogging more, it’s a melding of what your audience is attuned to doing with their time and interests. Time to plant your content marketing strategy directly in that path!

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Curing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Cart Abandonment TipsIf you sell on your site, you know how much work it is to attract and convince people to buy. Many hours of work, testing and agonizing thought go into the process of getting them to the point where they’re ready to click your Buy Now button.

And then what happens?

They proceed to your shopping cart where you, if you’re an average merchant, suffer a whopping 67.89 percent cart abandonment rate, negating all your hard work and severely cutting into your revenues.

Many times we think our shopping carts are solid gold from the get-go, but the truth is, like any other element of our business, they need some TLC to perform their best as well.

Why are shopping carts abandoned at such alarming rates?

Not surprisingly, most of the top reasons that consumers leave your shopping cart without purchasing have to do with money.

Three of the top four excuses are:

  • Unexpected costs (usually shipping)
  • Found a better price somewhere else
  • Final price too expensive

Other reasons for shopping cart abandonment have to do with things like poor site navigation, server crashing during process, process taking too long, excessive hoops to jump through, too much information requested and concerns about your payment gateway security.

It doesn’t take much for people to say, “Whoa, no thanks!” when presented with a negative experience. People are already resistant to parting with money; so when you make it hard for them, you see a mass exodus.

What can you do about it!

Here are some ways you can mitigate many of these concerns and get better results with your own shopping carts!

Strategize your pricing display – This is a ticklish item. Make it too prominent, you risk emphasizing the price; too small, it looks like you’re hiding it. Little Red Riding Hood would get pricing “just right!” This is only arrived at by testing.

Don’t load up the fees – The number one reason people abandon is all the extras loaded up at checkout, particularly shipping. If you can work in free shipping, you win. If not, make the add-ons as painless as you can, or you may be the one feeling the pain!

Consider carefully your wording – The psychological difference between words like Pay Now, Continue, Proceed to Checkout and a few others can’t be minimized. You’ll need to carefully consider the words you use on your call to action buttons, and these are the direct connection to their wallets!

Keep it lean and not mean – If it’s not absolutely necessary to the purchase, it doesn’t have to be in your form! Make it as simple as possible to buy, and by all means avoid negative wording, instead opting to reassure as much as possible at every step along the way of the buying process!

You work hard to acquire prospective customers. Shouldn’t you do all you can to ensure that the people who’ve actually clicked to buy are able to do so successfully?

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